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We are Beekeepers !

Directly from us to you !

Handpicked for You !

Each Jar is Hand Packaged by our in-house Honey Experts to Provide the Best Raw, Pure & Finest Natural Honey, So You can be rest assured that your Jar has been lovingly prepared by the Botaniq's team.

Back to Nature !

We’re deeply rooted in preserving our environment and have an unrivalled passion for producing intensely flavoured raw honey.

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Botaniq was founded from our passion for Agriculture, Nature and the Environment.

Founder ARUN G, created "Botaniq"with a mission: to promote ethical Agricultural practices, to give back to nature by regenerating natural habitats and restoring biodiversity.

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What We Do?


At Botaniq,We only capture the delicate fragrance and flavour of nature in our raw honey.


We are a group of Bee Keepers, Farmers, Food tasters and lover of life with big dreams about changing the world.

Our mission is deeply rooted in transparency, Community driven values and helping farmers. Quality Products for less cost.

Vision & Philosophy

At Botaniq, our vision is to share raw, natural, and sustainable products. Through our productsof various kinds of honey especially raw honey, we aim to raise awareness for environmental issues, inspire ethical practices, and give back to nature.

Empower Farmers, Bee keepers across the world & build a trusted, sustainable & fair-trade market world.

Directly From us to You

In an age of internet shopping and frozen produce, there’s nothing quite like receiving a jar of handcrafted, hand-packaged honey that’s been delivered straight to your door.


Our commitment to producing an honest, eco-friendly and healthy product means we closely monitor every stage of the process in producing raw honey in organic standards, ensuring the highest quality from the word go.

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Our Honey

Nature’s favourite brand of honey!

We capture the delicate fragrance and flavour of nature in our raw honey.

Our farm’s strict organic process ensures we share the finest natural, raw honey to call your own.

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What People Say !

Botaniq Honey

Rajini Krishnan

Indian Motorcycle Racer

The best Honey!
I was looking for honey in it’s most original form and I’ve found the perfect one.
Botaniq Honey is Definitely my Favourite and the best fit for my fitness diet. Highly recommend, once you’ve tasted it you won’t want to buy any other honey again.

Praveena Paul

Research Specialist

Amazing Natural Honey !

At first I was skeptical when I saw the price but as it was recommended to me from a friend I went for it and I have to say, it was worth every penny! Botaniq Honey is Unlike any honey I've tasted before and it's surely recommendable. Overall great quality and definitely going for their subscription plans.

Pradeep krishnamoorthy Testimonial on Botaniq.jpg

Pradeep Krishnamoorthy

Film Director

Honey at it's Best !

It’s great to see an eco-conscious honey brand that really cares about the source of its product, and it’s an added bonus that they got amazing Membership/Subscription plans. The Varieties and the quality is trully awesome. 

Highly recommended

Sarath Rh

Manager, ISUZU 

Perfect Diet Honey !

This honey is the best I’ve had, I decided to go for a more natural approach for my diet and in doing so this was the best I’ve come across.

The texture, the flavour,the taste everything about this honey is great. This Botaniq honey is the one to go for!

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