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Raw vs organic Honey

What’s All the Buzz with Raw Organic Honey?

Many people are always shocked to discover that those cute little bear-shaped bottles of honey in the supermarket aren’t natural honey. Are you one of them? Sadly, most of what you find stocked in stores is highly processed and blended with other substances.

While it certainly stings, the good news is you can find raw organic honey easily if you just know what to look for, and where to look. Wondering what all the buzz is with raw organic honey? It’s really quite simple.

Raw honey is in essence, the form that it exists in the beehive. It is very minimally touched, coarsely filtered, and never heated. By cold-extracting raw honey, it retains all the wonderful nutrients it has, which is why raw honey is a superfood

The Buzzworthy Benefits of Raw Honey

When honey is left in its purest raw form, it’s truly a superfood rich with vitamins we need. Raw honey is loaded with vitamins C and B6, iron, calcium, thiamine and plenty more. The untainted antioxidants restore your body inside and out. It also contains antibacterial properties too to help soothe your digestive system.

Not to mention, honey is a perfectly sweet substitute for sugar. If you’re trying to get in better health, making biscuits with raw honey is a better option for you, one that satisfies your sweet cravings without spiking your blood sugar. . 

Raw Honey vs Organic Honey

But there’s more information buzzing around about honey when it comes to organics. Not all raw honey is organic, and not all organic honey is raw. What you want to look for, is honey that is both raw and organic to get the best benefits, not to mention the best taste. 

In order to be considered organic, the flowers the bees get their nectar from must be free of any pesticides and herbicides. The bees are also not fed with antibiotics or exposed to any harmful chemicals.

And in order for the honey to be considered as raw. It must be unheated, unprocessed, and unpasteurised. This ensures that the enzymes, nutrients and vitamins are retained. These are the elements that provide honey with it’s wide range of health benefits.

Finding the right raw organic honey then is a must. Honey producers that have both a love for nature and a passion for honey will bring you the best possible flavour with the least environmental impact.

At Botaniq, we take care to foster the environment of the hive and bees within to ensure a quality untainted product. We believe honey should be as natural as possible, like it was in the good old days. Taste and experience the difference Botaniq Honey makes today! 

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